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International Gut Microbiome Advocacy Group

We are a group of independent researchers, academics and experts in the field of gut microbiome. Our aim is to advocate the importance of a healthy gut microbiome – the key to good bodily health. The vital and central role of gut microbiome in our health has been well researched and today we know that the microorganisms in our gut influence many aspects of our health.

Through this website, we aim to offer research-backed, scientific insights into the importance of gut flora, how it enhances our immunity and protects us from a wide range of chronic (or “lifestyle”) diseases. We will share recent advances in the field and insights on nutrition and diet to keep your gut microbiome happy and your body healthy


Find out more on how your gut microbiome affects your immunity.

Does your gut microbiome affect your chances of getting a chronic disorder? Find out more.

Know more about the relation between the food you eat and your gut microbiome.